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Are you looking for software to block unwanted phone calls? With Phone Call Xpress you can fend off calls from telemarketers, survey takers, political and charity organizations, and any other callers that you don't want to deal with. And that's just one of it's features!

Reminder Xpert is a great companion program to Phone Call Xpress, and has a matching interface. Plus, it's completely free. Give it a try!

Reminder Xpert
Reminder Xpert is a convenient personal reminder program. Quickly add independent events, tasks, and alarms, and be reminded when events occur or tasks become due. Use a handy pop-up calendar.
License: Freeware

Phone Call Xpress
Phone Call Xpress is a contact manager, phone dialer, and Caller ID utility all rolled into one. Use a standard data/fax modem to automatically dial outgoing calls. Hang up on unwanted callers.
License: Shareware

Product Support

Technical or general support is . Before contacting us, please try to find an answer to your question in the program help. When writing for technical support, please include the following information:

  1. Which program you are using and the version
  2. What operating system you are using
  3. A description of your modem (including model number)
  4. A detailed problem description (include exact error message text)

Note: Phone Call Xpress uses TAPI (the Windows Telephony API) and Unimodem (the TAPI service provider for standard modems) to communicate with your modem, control it, and find out about its capabilities. The vast majority of problems that users encounter are caused by the modem being installed with a driver that is not TAPI compliant. Whenever possible, be sure to install the latest drivers from the modem or computer manufacturer.

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