Phone Call Xpress 2.3.0
  • Added a new "Privacy" tab to the main Options.
  • E-Mail Notification can now be disabled for individual contacts.
  • Changed the main window menu structure (no more "Caller ID" menu).
  • Added a menu bar to the Call Log.
  • Moved Black List functionality from the main window to the Call Log.
  • Automated importing from Phone Plus and CallStation CSV files.
  • Made improvements to the registration system.
  • Other minor improvements.
Phone Call Xpress 2.2.0
  • Added some options to the voice announcement feature. If desired, "call from" can be spoken before the caller's name. Also, you can now configure how many times the announcement will be repeated.
  • Fixed a bug in the registration system.
Phone Call Xpress 2.1.0
  • Added voice announcements (speak the caller's name using text-to-speech).
  • Simplified the Auto-Hang-Up settings.
  • Added error checking to Copy functions.
  • Added fix for disappearing tray icon (due to Explorer crash).
  • Several bug fixes.
Phone Call Xpress 2.0.0
  • Added the ability to play a message before hanging up on unwanted callers.
  • Seven high-quality hang-up messages are included.
  • Added a TTS Recorder for creating hang-up messages.
  • Added the ability to hang up on unknown long distance calls.
  • Added a new E-Mail Notification feature with scheduler.
  • Added a new "Settings" menu.
  • Added a new "Black List" toolbar button in the Call Log.
  • Improved the Hot-Key Dialing feature.
  • Improved the "Find" feature.
Phone Call Xpress 1.2.0
  • Contacts can now be moved to another group.
  • Double-clicking contact list now edits the contact.
  • Added another bitmap for the pop-up Caller ID window.
  • Updated the documentation for Windows 8.
  • Many other minor improvements.

CallStation 6.0.0
  • CallStation is now Windows 8 compatible.
  • Six high-quality hang-up message files are now included.
  • More pop-up window skin files are now included.
  • Changed the silence detection algorithm to ignore busy tones.
  • Added a new "Settings" menu to the main window.
  • Added a new "Privacy" tab to the Main Options.
  • Added a 2nd ring option to the Auto-Hang-Up settings.
  • Removed Dial-Up-Networking from the E-Mail Notification feature.
  • Made various changes to the Phone Dialer menus.
  • Simplified the phone book editor Caller ID tab.
  • Replaced the clipboard dialing feature with a global hot-key.
  • Many other user interface and functional improvements.
  • Added fix for disappearing tray icon (due to Explorer crash).
CallStation 5.5.0
  • Changed the main program font from Microsoft Sans Serif to Tahoma.
  • Changed all Open/Save dialogs to a newer type.
  • The Call Log header now has a mouse-over effect (hot state).
  • Hid the Volume Override controls under Windows 7 and Vista (use the separate CallStation volume control in the Volume Mixer instead).
  • Other minor improvements.
CallStation 5.4.0
  • E-Mail Notification now works with servers that require a secure SSL connection (such as Gmail).
  • Removed the obsolete Pager Notification feature.
  • CallStation will now continue to run even if no modem is found.
  • The voice alert will now speak the number of missed calls if no new messages or faxes have been received.
  • Fixed: After an incoming call woke the computer from Stand-By, CallStation could fail to put it to sleep again due to a timing problem.
  • Fixed: Double-clicking a fax in the Fax Manager failed to load the file.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.