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General Information

Voice Capability
If you wish to use hang-up messages with Phone Call Xpress, then your modem must have voice capability. Voice modems are able to play and record audio over the phone line. The modem reviewed below has voice capability.

Caller ID
If you want to use the optional Caller ID features in Phone Call Xpress, you must have a modem with Caller ID capability. Many modems do not have this capability, so make sure that the modem you buy specifically states that it has Caller ID support. Also, it must support the Caller ID standard used in your country.

VoIP Phone Services
Be aware that modems can have compatibility problems with the telephone adapter boxes used by VoIP phone services. These adapters typically put out lower signal levels than you would find on a normal telephone line. Modems can be sensitive to the low signal levels and may not detect when the phone is ringing, or the Caller ID may be unreliable. The modem recommended below worked perfectly with a Vonage VoIP telephone adapter (Motorola) and with Comcast Digital Voice service (Arris telephony modem), so it is likely to work with most digital phone services. Ooma VoIP telephone adapters, however, are known to have compatibility problems with pretty much all modems (unreliable Caller ID).

Windows Playback Bug
There is a bug in Windows Vista and above which can prevent Phone Call Xpress from playing audio through the modem to the phone line. The caller will only hear silence when your hang-up message is played. Any telephony application that uses the modem wave driver to play audio through the modem will encounter this problem. Most modems with Conexant chipsets will be affected by this bug. The modem reviewed below uses an Agere (LSI) chipset and is not affected.

Automatic Driver Updates
Windows Update likes to install the latest drivers for your modem which may be a generic driver that doesn't work properly. To prevent this, you can disable automatic driver updates. Click Start, type "device installation settings", then select "Change device installation settings" in the search results. Select "No, let me choose what to do", then select "Never install driver software from Windows Update" and save the settings. These instructions are for Windows 7, but other operating systems are similar.

Modem Reviews

  HiRO H50113 V.92 56K External USB Voice Modem
Interface: External USB device
Chipset: Agere (software modem)
O.S. Support: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Cost: $26.05 from Amazon
Drivers: For Windows XP or Vista, use the drivers on the disc that comes with the modem. For Windows 7, 8, or 10, download drivers from the HiRO website
This modem has excellent Caller ID detection, as good as you can find. The Caller ID comes up almost instantly, and it worked every time.

Sound quality and volume when playing a hang-up message is very good.

When it came to dialing phone numbers, this modem performed nicely. The dialing sounds are actually routed through your sound card instead of playing the sounds through a tiny speaker on the modem like some modems do. Under Windows XP or Vista, if the dialing sounds cannot be heard, make sure that Phone Call Xpress is configured to dial in "data" mode rather than "voice" mode.

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