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Reminder Xpert
Be reminded of important events and manage your tasks.

Reminder Xpert is a convenient personal reminder program for home and office use.

Quickly and easily add one-time or recurring tasks and events using a simple wizard. Receive daily notifications when there are current events that you should know about or tasks that are due, and see them listed in a unique reminder window. Create independent alarms when you need to be reminded at a certain time. Available alarm actions include popping up a window, running a program, or shutting down the computer.

With Reminder Xpert you no longer have to worry about forgetting those important events. The possible uses are endless, but here are a few examples:

  • Never forget special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Never forget a doctor or dentist appointment.
  • Don't forget to pay your bills on time.
  • Be reminded when it's time to change the furnace filter or smoke detector batteries.
  • Be reminded when your car needs an oil change.
  • Receive an alarm when it's time to take your medication.

Reminder Xpert can gently remind you with a balloon tooltip over the system tray if there are current events or tasks you have not viewed today. Simply click on the balloon to display the reminder window. If you prefer, Reminder Xpert can flash the tray icon instead, or you can have it pop-up the reminder window directly.

The reminder window is automatically updated from day to day even if you leave your computer running or put it into standby, so it always lists the current events and tasks. While events roll forward automatically, tasks will stay in the list until you indicate that they are completed.

Reminder Xpert includes an attractive color-coded calendar that you can pop up with a click of the tray icon. Days with events are shown in a different color. Simply move the cursor over a date to see the events for that day in a tooltip.

Reminder Xpert also has some useful tools including a countdown timer, stop watch, and date calculator. As an added convenience, Reminder Xpert allows you to easily turn off your monitor or shut down your computer with a hot key.

License: Freeware

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